Traveller Session 3

Pi, being the only walking member of the team left (everyone else is in sick bay), attempts to restore life support to Occulus City.

After consulting with Rai Astasi, they determine that the secondary power supply has not kicked in as expected. Pi must journey to the reactor complex, the site of the crash, to try and fix it. Astasi will, in the meantime, attempt to locate a reactor engineer amongst the refugees at the space port.

Pi makes the journey to the reactor complex through an exposed tunnel complex using his vacc suit.
As he approaches the complex his vacc suit informs him that the reactor is leaking and he is absorbing subsantial amounts of radiation. Pi attempts to find radiation shielding material amongst the tunnel debris on his journey but is unsuccessful.

He reaches the reactor and contacts Astasi who has found a reactor engineer. Pi is able to restore power and life support returns.

He returns to the space port.

Once the rest of the team recover, Stevie flies them back to the Close Escort Offence Taken.

They begin the next leg of their journey towards Esalin.

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