Traveller Session 2

The team, Pi, Scalpel and Zev, attempt to assess the situation. It becomes clear that one of the crew that are burglarizing the mansion has a hostage and that hostage is the wealthy haut-Ebb. That crew member is holed up in the upstairs bedroom that has a balcony looking over the reception room the team are situated in.

The hostage taker tosses a grenade into the foyer for fun and giggles. Alot of dust and noise but no one is injured.

Scalpel attempts to scare the hostage taker by claiming that large forces are on their way, specifically IRIS, and that they would best surrender.

The hostage taker screams again that nobody moves. Pi begins to make a foray up the stairs leading to the bedroom, unbeknown to the hostage taker.

At this point Stevie shows up at the front door with Kron Deckpounder (a possible new member of the Esalin team). He confers with Scalpel who informs him of the hostage taking scenario. Stevie is slightly annoyed and makes his way into the foyer to survey the situation.

'Oi - what do you want?' he bellows at the hostage.

'Are you IRIS?' comes the reply. A sharp look back towards Scalpel by Stevie is interrupted by the sound of gunfire and Stevie is caught in the shoulder by a bullet. He sinks to the ground, semi-conscious.

Pi, meanwhile has made it unnoticed up the stairs only to see the hostage taker pull the pin on her remaining grenade as a horrified haut-ebb looks on.

Pi darts towards haut-ebb, scoops him up and crashes through the glass balcony of the bedroom towards the foyer below as the grenade detonates.

Hostage taker is dead, Stevie unconscious, haut-ebb and Pi bruised but OK.

As Scalpel attempt to render medical assistance to haut-ebb he makes his way past Stevie who regains consciousness and grabs Scalpel by the throat.

The ensuing argument about 'careless talk about which he knows nothing' is over soon as Stevie passes out again.

The group make their way back to an Occulus medical center and deposit Stevie and haut-ebb.

They then being to make their way to a group of trapped miners beneath the dome.

Long story short. They forgo using some convenient robots to rescue the miners because they detect that the area beneath the spaceport is dangerously unstable. They service robots are dispatched to the spaceport and save the day. The miners are rescued but not without all of the party, except Pi, sustaining enough injuries to put them in the medical facility (cave ins are not fun).

Pi - the life support for Occulus City is running out and you are still in it! What are you going to do?

He does this...

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