Traveller Session 1

Whilst waiting in the arrival/departure lounge of Occulus City you are met by Stevie, the pilot of the launch sent to Close Escort Offence Taken.
Stevie instructs you to gather your belongings from customs so he can transport you to the Offence Taken.

As you make your way to customs a large explosion rocks the entire Occulus City dome. The lights go out for a few seconds to be replaced by emergency backup lighting and loud and calm instructions from the public comm telling people to don environment suits and make their way to the nearest 'safety zone'.

Zev and Scalpel equip themselves with vacc suits whilst Pi (who has his own suit) attempts to retrieve their gear so they can leave.
Whilst arguing with customs about whether they can have their gear back, Pi hears his name in an interruption to the loud and calm instructions from the public comm.

"Will Pi Radians and party please contact communications officer Rai Astasi via the nearest public comm"

Pi complies to this request and Astasi explains that 'Flight 10' a shuttle arriving from Alell has crached into the number three reactor of Occulus City. Astasi asks the party to assist in the rescue of several parties within Occulus City.

  1. The Morningside Dome is out of contact with Occulus Main. The dome itself is cracked and is leaking oxygen. Astasi estimates they have 2 hours of air left
  2. A team of engineers is trapped in the deep tunnels below one the craters tritium mines. They have roughly 3 hours of air.

The team elect to rescue the citizens in Morningside Dome.

Whilst this conversation with Astasi continues they are interrupted by a transmission from 'His excellency Yaj haut Ebb', a resident of one of the mansions overlooking the Morning Side dome. He has about 3 hours of air left and demands the team rescue him. After first refusal he offers the party 5,000 credits each to take him to safety.

The party elect to collect him after visiting Morningside dome.

Stevie flies them out to the outside of the dome and, using vacc suits, they manage to open the external air lock of the dome which has been suspiciously locked from the inside. Upon entering the dome they make their way up an access corridor to be ambushed by several militia-styled citizens armed with snub pistols.
The citizens scream "Terrorists!" at the party and only some judicious persuasion from the party prevents the situation from escalating.

Apparently, the citizens of the dome believe that the explosion and subsequent events are the work of the Ine Givar and they are all in imminent danger. "Viers will explain everything" say the citizens as they lead the party to the central plaza of the dome.

Viers takes some persuading that the accident was legitimate but the diplomatic efforts of the party (and the naval creds of Zev and Pi) win through.

The team escorts Viers and the citizens to the launch at which point Stevie is told to take them to the launch pads for evacuation. Stevie will rendez vous with the team at the haut Ebb mansion.

At this point Pi begins to be curious about why his group were singled out for this rescue attempt. Astasis tells him

"You guys came in on the I told you I was ill, you're probably part of IRIS and can look after yourselves"

As they make their way up the service stairs to the haut Ebb mansion they hear another message on the comm from haut Ebb.

"Help! Someone is breaking in! Come immediately!"

Upon reaching the mansion 'front door' the party discovers it has been 'removed'. The party cautiously enter the mansion and find two humans and a Vargr looting the ground floor.

Pi takes a shot at one of the humans with his Gauss Pistol and knocks him unconcious.
Zev bolts for the other human weapon drawn and injures him with his first shot.
Scalpel starts screaming about "Company 'B' making it's way up the stairs!"
The Vargr draws a pistol and takes a shot at Pi but misses.
The second human takes a shot at Zev but misses.

Pi, upon making sure that the first human is out for the count takes a shot at the Vargr and hits him for some damage.
Zev finishes off the second human with his second shot.
The Vargr is dispatched in a combination of fire from Zev and Pi.

The fire fight results in signficant wounds to Pi Radians (Endurance from 6 to 2)

The 'atrium' of the mansion now contains a dead human, a dead Vargr and an unconscious human.

From upstairs there is a scream that sounds like haut-Ebb and a female voice shouting,

"I have a hostage!"

And then...

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