Adventure 1

Your team was kicking it's heels on Regina

Commander Kaarin Adukuu of the Imperial Navy (retired) has contacted one of you to call in a favor from your navy days.

He needs to form an impromptu party to investigate the disappearance of an imperial archaeologist on Esalin. He will meet the team on Esalin for further briefing.

He has arranged passage for the team on the 300 ton Close Escort I Told You I was Ill.
The journey began on Regina and is taking an unusual route to Esalin.

Normal passage would involve the standard route along the Spinward Main through Feri and Boughene to Efate and then into the Jewell subsector.

This route involves a 5 parsec jump to the Alell system and a 1 parsec jump to Efate.

The actual destination in the Alell system is the planetary moon of Sahal.

On arrival you are told that you will be switching ships. You are deposited at Oculus City, the main settlement on Sahal, and are told to board the 300 ton Close Escort Offence Taken when it arrives.

After clearing customs, you are waiting in the arrivals/departures lounge of Oculus City when...

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