"Science fiction adventure in the far future"

Who are we?

A group of gamers in New York City who like to play traveller. We use the Classic Traveller rules because everything else seems to pale in comparison. We try to play once a month.

Or is it an attempt to play an rpg without having to listen to the rest of the players attempt bad medieval English accents?

Physical Location

New York City



This campaign will use the Classic Traveller rules (Books 1 - 3).

Game Location

The Spinward Marches

The Spinward Marches (Zhodani: Tloql) is the Imperium’s farthest frontier sector, containing 439 star systems divided along a coreward/rimward line by the Imperial border. The region is dominated by two major powers: the Imperial Spinward Marches sector apparatus administered from Mora and the frontier provinces of the Zhodani Consulate administered from Cronor.


The Third Imperium circa 1105
The Spinward Marches are restless. The accord between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate is near breaking point and all out war could break out at any moment. The coreward Vargr Extents serve as a staging area for bold sorties of Vargr Corsairs into Imperial space. The rimward Sworld Worlds Confederation continue to be antagonistic. Even within the Imperium, domestic threats such as the Ine Givar terrorists, make for uncertain times.


Kaarin Adukuu, a retired commander of the Imperial Navy.


  1. Annic Nova Redux
  2. A funny thing happened on the way to Esalin
  3. Esalin


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